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We have assembled an extensive range of answers to the questions that our customers ask when it comes to novated leasing.  Scroll through the list of our novated leasing FAQs we are confident you will find most of the answers to your questions.

Can I salary package a car I already own?2018-10-26T08:59:38+10:00

This is called a sale and lease back.  We organise a finance company to buy the car from you and then lease it back to you.  The car remains registered to you.
This is a great way to stay in the same car and take full advantage of the tax breaks associated with novated leasing.

Can I source a new or used car myself?2018-10-26T09:02:17+10:00

Of course you can source a new or used car.  Please remember that if you choose to purchase a used car from a private seller you will not get the benefit of the GST saving on the financing of the car.

Can I salary package a car if I own a small business?2018-10-26T09:05:23+10:00

If you are an employed by the business (i.e. draw a salary) you can salary package a car.

If you don’t draw a salary from the business we can assist with our Chattel One fully budgeted product which has all the convenience of a novated lease but designed for small businesses.

Can I salary package a motor bike or a boat with a novated lease?2018-10-26T09:07:11+10:00

Technically you can salary package a motor bike but not with One Car Group.

You cannot salary package a boat but we can help you with finance options.

Can I fill up with diesel or petrol at any service station?2018-10-26T09:09:56+10:00

One Car Group will provide you with a fuel card for Caltex and BP which is linked to the budgets you have set aside for fuel.  If you have can’t find either of these service stations, fill up at a convenient service station and we will reimburse you the cost.  Keep the fuel receipt and lodge a claim with us online.

Can I get flybuys for filling up my tank?2018-10-26T09:10:55+10:00


Can I pay with flybuys for petrol or diesel?2018-10-26T09:12:20+10:00

No.  You can pay for petrol or diesel with the fuel cards provided by One Car Group.

Can I budget and get reimbursed for tolls and parking fines?2018-10-26T09:13:41+10:00

No.  The Australian Tax Office does not allow for salary packaging tolls and parking fines.

Do I have to use the car under a novated lease for work?2018-10-26T09:15:26+10:00

You don’t have to use your car for work.  If you do use your car for work, there is another method with novated leasing that will provide you with even more tax benefits.

Do I need to travel a certain number of kilometres each year?2018-10-26T09:22:42+10:00

In the past the fewer kilometres travelled with a novated lease the higher you were taxed, but that has all changed.  If you drive only 100 kilometres per week you can still benefit from a novated lease.

Do I have to be in a higher tax bracket to benefit from novated leasing?2018-10-26T09:23:47+10:00

So long a you pay income tax, you can benefit from novated leasing.

Can I use a finance contract with 0% or 1% interest that car dealers offer?2018-10-26T09:27:18+10:00

Although 0% or 1% is a very low interest rate, you are better off with a novated lease.   Salary packaging a novated lease covers all your vehicle running costs including the finance and is very tax effective.  The GST and income tax benefits of a novated lease will exceed the savings on the interest rate on a consumer loan.

Can I use my own finance?2018-10-26T09:49:22+10:00

You can’t use your own finance if you want to take advantage of the tax breaks from novated leasing.

Is it cheaper to draw down on my mortgage to pay for the car?2018-10-26T09:50:33+10:00

If you draw down on your mortgage to pay for a car you are unable to take advantage of the tax breaks that come with novated leasing.

Why is the interest rate so important?2018-10-26T09:54:47+10:00

The primary benefit of novated leasing is the tax benefits so therefore, a percentage or two on the interest rate will have little impact.

The largest cost of car ownership is the depreciation – the amount that the car falls in value over time.   So what is more important to cheaper car ownership is to select a car that holds is value better than most in the market and to deduct as much of the costs of ownership of the car before income tax.

Use our calculator to see how you can benefit.

Is the interest rate and repayments fixed for the term of the lease?2018-10-26T09:55:51+10:00

The interest rate and repayments are calculated and set at the begin of the lease and stay the same for the term of the novated lease.

Over how many years can I lease my car?2018-10-26T09:56:51+10:00

You can lease your car from 12 – 60 months (1 to 5 years).

Does my credit rating matter for my finance application?2018-10-26T09:57:50+10:00

The finance company considers your credit rating as part of the overall application.

Do I have to pay Luxury Car tax?2018-10-26T10:02:42+10:00

Most cars do not attract luxury car tax.  If you are purchasing an expensive new vehicle then it may result in the price of the car including luxury car tax.  If this is the case then the amount of GST the financier can claim back on your car will be limited and as such the repayments on the finance component of the lease will be higher than if the car had no luxury car tax included in the price.

When salary packaging a high priced car you may also need to pay from your salary deductions a Luxury Car Allowance.  This is an amount your employer will need to collect to offset the cost to them of you electing to enter into a novated lease on an expensive vehicle.

Luxury Car Tax and the Luxury Car Allowance topics are quite technical and if you have further questions we highly recommend you speak with a registered tax accountant prior to entering into a novated lease.

What is Fringe Benefit Tax?2018-10-26T10:04:41+10:00

In simple terms, Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) is a tax imposed on non-cash benefits received by employees outside their salary.  Further information can be found of the Australia Tax Office website here.

How do I avoid paying FBT on a novated lease?2018-10-26T10:05:56+10:00

If your novated lease is managed properly, you can avoid paying FBT by deducting some of the monthly expenses out of your post-tax salary.

What is a novated lease residual value?2018-10-26T10:07:04+10:00

When you enter into a novated lease, it’s essentially “renting” your car from a finance company and your repayments reduce the amount owing on the car. However, the ATO will only permit you to pay down a certain amount of the price of the car.  The amount remaining at the end of the lease term (after you’ve paid as much as you’re allowed) is the residual.

What are the residual value percentages?2018-10-26T10:08:12+10:00

The Australian Tax Office approved residual values as a percentage of the price of the vehicle are as follows:

12 month lease – 65.63%
24 month lease – 56.25%
36 month lease – 46.88%
48 month lease – 37.50%
60 month lease – 28.13%

How is the novated residual value determined?2018-10-26T10:14:08+10:00

The novated lease residual for your novated lease is determined by the ATO residual value percentage.  For instance if your novated lease is 3 years (36 months) then the residual value will be 46.88% of the price of the new or used vehicle.

What happens when I pay off the novated lease residual?2018-10-26T10:15:05+10:00

You will own the vehicle and as a result you will no longer be eligible for the tax benefits associated with a novated lease.

Can I change the residual value on my novated lease?2018-10-26T10:17:27+10:00

If you travel over 30,000 kms every year, you may be able to apply a high kilometre residual on your car.  You will however need to demonstrate in this circumstance that the vehicle under a  novated lease is being used for business.

What happens if I’m made redundant?2018-10-26T10:21:23+10:00

The novated lease is no longer salary packaged and it becomes a finance lease. There are no tax benefits, salary deductions, no fuel cards etc.

You now have two options.  Firstly, you can sell the car and payout the lease. Secondly, you can make payments directly to the finance company until you secure another job.  Once you start your new job, we can set up a new novated agreement with your new employer and all the benefits associated with your novated lease will resume with the new employer.

If you took out Loan Protection Insurance at the time of commencing the novated lease, then your lease will have some cover for the costs of the novated lease during your period of unemployment.  The extent of cover will depend upon your insurance policy.  If you are interested in Loan Protection Insurance please discuss this option with your consultant prior to undertaking your novated lease.

What happens if I quit my job?2018-10-26T10:22:45+10:00

Leaving your job is the same as being made redundant in terms of your novated lease.  Please note that loan protection insurance does not provide cover for voluntarily leaving your job.

What happens if I change jobs?2018-10-26T10:23:48+10:00

Simply put us in touch with the person who deals with novated leasing in your new company and we will take it from there!   So long as your new employer allows novated leasing, we can transfer the novated lease to your new employer so you can enjoy the income tax and GST benefits.

What happens if I move overseas?2018-10-26T10:26:46+10:00

This will depend on if you are moving overseas short term or long term.

As novated leasing is only in Australia, if you are leaving long term, you will need to terminate and payout your novated lease.  You can payout the novated lease by selling your car.  Any shortfall between the lease payout and car sale price will need to be paid by you.  if the sale price is higher than the lease payout then you get to keep the profit on sale.

If you are leaving short term and you are remaining in the employment of the same organisation they will continue to pay your novated lease, then your lease will be not be affected.

What happens if I retire?2018-10-26T10:28:02+10:00

If you are planning to retire, hopefully we can set up your lease to end as the final salary goes into your bank account.

You can then choose to either pay off the residual and keep the car or sell the car and keep any tax free profit on the sale of the car.

If you are looking to retire, it might be an idea to flag this with our consultant prior to finalising your novated lease.

What happens if I take maternity or paternity leave?2018-10-26T10:29:08+10:00

You will have to talk to your organisation’s HR Department but as long as you are drawing a salary you can sacrifice part of your salary for expenses such as a novated lease.

What happens if I want to change cars during the term of the lease?2018-10-26T10:34:07+10:00

Just contact us at One Car Group and we will get a quote from your financier to payout your lease.  You can payout the lease from the proceeds of sale of your car.  We can assist you with setting up a new novated lease salary package your new car.

What happens if I want to increase or decrease my kilometres during the lease?2018-10-26T10:33:37+10:00

As it’s only the finance that is fixed during the term of the lease, you can increase or decrease your kilometres at any time.  With a change in kilometres we will adjust your budgets for fuel, servicing, tyres etc to align with the new kilometres included in your lease.

What is a novated lease ?2018-10-24T14:27:29+10:00

A novated lease (we call Novate One) is an easy and tax-effective way of running a car.  With one monthly payment covering not only the lease finance cost but also the running costs of your vehicle such as fuel, registration & CTP, insurance, servicing, tyres, roadside assistance and even car washes.

How much can I save on income tax and GST?2018-11-14T13:12:28+10:00

When you choose to salary sacrifice the cost of your car, you pay a part of the overall costs of the lease finance and the running costs of the car before your income tax is calculated.  As this salary deduction reduces your taxable income you pay a lower amount of income tax.  Any pre-tax deductions exclude GST as your employer can claim back the GST.

You can use our Novate One calculator to estimate your savings.  When you are ready speak with us on 1300 616 993 and we can tailor a proposal to your personal circumstances.

How does salary packaging a novated lease work?2018-10-25T10:01:35+10:00

Here is the process in as few words as we can put it……

  1. Your employer confirms that you are able to salary package a novated lease
  2. You choose a car – new or used.  Maximum age at end of the lease is 10 years.
  3. We prepare a proposal of the costs of finance and running costs for your choice of lease term and kilometres.  The proposal will outline the inclusions, costs and tax savings.
  4. Apply for finance for your chosen term (12 to 60 months).
  5. Once finance is approved and the car is ready for delivery we generate the paperwork and you and your employer review and sign
  6. We submit the paperwork to the financier and they “settle” the finance and pay the vehicle supplier
  7. We send a payroll advice to your employer and they commence deductions from your salary
  8. We send you a login to our online system so you can track your spending
  9. We post you a welcome pack with fuel cards outlining in greater detail how everything works
  10. You enjoy your new vehicle and the tax savings through Novate One
How do I qualify for a novated lease?2018-10-24T15:09:10+10:00

Anyone earning a salary and paying tax through PAYG system qualifies for a novated lease.  Whether you drive 20 or 200 kilometres per week, use the car for work or own the vehicle you can still benefit from the savings associated with a novated lease.

What are the steps for salary packaging a novated lease?2018-10-25T10:00:35+10:00

Steps, steps, we love steps …

  1. The first step is phone consultation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss with a consultant what car you would like and estimate running costs.
  2. When you decide to go ahead with a Novate One lease, we submit an application for finance along with a privacy consent, payslip and your drivers licence.
  3. Running in parallel we will be looking at sourcing you a car OR you can do the shopping if you prefer.
  4. We contact your employer to confirm all your details.  If your employer doesn’t have an agreement with us, we will set one up.
  5. Once the full details of the car are known we will then be in contact to complete the documentation and submit the finance for settlement.
  6. When the finance has “settled” and the car is available – it’s all yours!!
  7. We will post out a welcome letter and fuel cards to provide you more information to make your Novate One lease a smooth running process
  8. Your employer will receive a payroll advice from us and then salary deductions will commence

Best thing with all these steps is that we will do most of the work for you.

Who owns the car that I am leasing ?2018-10-26T07:53:38+10:00

The car is registered in your name for the term of the lease.  The car is owned by the bank or finance company.  When you payout the residual value of the lease at the end of the term then the car is owned by you.

Is it better to lease a new or used car ?2018-10-25T10:26:26+10:00

A difficult question and is really a personal choice that comes down to balance the pros and cons of new versus used.

In the case of a new vehicle is has never been owned or driven before and comes with a full manufacturers warranty (3 to 7 years).  A new vehicle has the latest in safety features and the creature comforts.  The costs of servicing and maintaining the vehicle are normally lower than a used vehicle.  The downside is that it is a more expensive vehicle than a used one and so the repayment will be higher.

A used vehicle is cheaper to buy and finance but may not have a manufacturer warranty and the costs to keep the vehicle serviced and maintained is likely to be higher than a new car.  If you want to choose a used vehicle we would suggest a near new vehicle with low kilometres.

What is included when I salary package a novated lease?2018-10-25T10:29:55+10:00

One Car Group can package your lease payments, fuel, registration & CTP, insurance, servicing, maintenance, tyres, roadside assistance, motor club membership and car washes.   We will be tailor what car costs are packaged for your Novate One lease to match your personal requirements.

What do I do if I need to make an insurance claim?2018-10-26T07:57:17+10:00

To make a claim on your chosen comprehensive insurance policy you will need to speak directly to your insurer.  We have complied a the contact numbers for the major insurance companies  

If I need roadside assistance what do I do?2018-10-26T07:56:23+10:00

If you have chosen Roadside Assistance with One Car Group you have access to assistance 24/7 by calling 1800 225 111.

How do I organise a minor damage repair with my MDR+ membership?2018-10-26T08:11:21+10:00

If you have chosen to include a Minor Damage Repair membership in your Novate One Package then you can arrange for a repair by calling MotorOne Scratch & Dent Assist Hotline on 1300 946 677.  Please quote your membership number or registration at the time of making the call to MotorOne.

What happens at the end of the novated lease?2018-10-26T08:18:03+10:00

At the end of the lease, you have several options.  Firstly, you can sell your car and pay off the residual which will allow you to lease another car.  Also, if you sell your existing car for more than the residual you keep the tax free profit.  The second option is to extend your lease – allowing you to keep your existing car longer.
Lastly, you can pay off the residual and keep your existing car.  This would mostly be of benefit to those that are no longer employed or about to retire.

How are budgets determined for my salary packaged novated lease?2018-10-26T08:22:04+10:00

When you have selected your car, we know how much it costs and that will determine your finance repayment over the term of the lease.  The same with your insurance.  We then ascertain how many kilometres you may drive every year and based on you car we can determine – how much fuel you’ll need, servicing & maintenance required, replacement tyres, registration & CTP, roadside assistance and car washes and this allows us to estimate how much it’s going to cost to run your vehicle. Lastly, we allow for unexpected costs which can happen from time to time.
And that’s how we determine the total running costs for your car during the lease which we divide by the number of months your novated lease contract runs (12 to 60 months).

Why do I budget running costs like fuel and servicing?2018-10-26T08:23:56+10:00

The income tax and GST benefits are for all running costs associated with your car which includes fuel, servicing and insurance etc.  So to maximise your tax and GST savings we include all the running costs allowed by the ATO.

Can I just package lease payments not the running costs?2018-10-26T08:27:09+10:00

Technically you can just enter into a novated lease finance contract without the running costs.  One Car Group can assist with arranging the novated lease finance but then the payment of the lease installments will be between your employer, yourself and the finance company.  Of course then you won’t get the income tax and GST benefits associated with salary packaging the $’000 of running costs you will incur.

What happens if I run out of budgets to cover my running costs?2018-10-26T08:30:54+10:00

As with most things, there maybe months where you over spend budgets just as there will be months when you under spend budgets. So long as you don’t overspend your total budgets there is nothing we need to do.

If you are consistently overspending we will have to increase your budgets and therefore increase your salary deductions.  Obviously, we will discuss any proposed budget changes with you prior to implementing any adjustments.  In most cases our customers do not require any changes to their budgets over the term of their leases.

What happens if I don’t use all my running cost budgets?2018-10-26T08:33:47+10:00

As your weekly, fortnightly or monthly budgets represents an average cost, there will be times when you under spend and then over spend your budgets.  Once you reach the end of your lease if there is a surplus in the budget the funds are returned to your employer and the appropriate tax deductions made and the net balance returned to you via a salary payment.
If there is consistent under spending against your budgets we may need to reduce your future budgets and therefore reduce you future salary deductions.

What happens if I incur a cost and I don’t have a budget to cover an expense?2018-10-26T08:36:32+10:00

When we are estimating your budgets, we always add a little extra to cover any unexpected costs associated with running your car.  We prefer to add a little extra rather than you experiencing a “nasty surprise”.   If you do need an increase in your budget to cover a surprise expense we can make a one off adjustment to your budgets and salary deductions to cater for such an expense.

Can I use my own comprehensive insurance provider?2018-10-26T08:39:58+10:00

You can use your own comprehensive insurance provider.  As a matter of fact we recommend you do use your own provider as they are likely to provide you a great price on the annual premium.  Please note that we reimburse annual comprehensive insurance premiums via a claim lodged by you or if you provide us the insurance policy / invoice two weeks in advance of its due date.

What is the process when I need to get my car serviced?2018-10-26T08:49:47+10:00

When booking your car in for service advise the provider that your vehicle is covered by the Caltex StarFleetPlus card.   When dropping the vehicle in for service leave the Caltex StarFleetPlus card with the service centre.  prior to commencing any servicing and repairs the service centre will make contact with the Caltex maintenance team and they will pre-approve any servicing and repair costs to ensure you get access to great pricing and are not over charged or up sold by the service centre.  The costs will be charged to your Caltex StarFleetPlus card and will be charged against your novated lease budgets.

Merchants registered with the Caltex network can be found at this LINK.

If you would prefer to use a service provider not registered with the Caltex network then please make payment and lodge a claim for reimbursement with One Car Group.

What happens when my registration and CTP are due for payment?2018-10-26T08:55:57+10:00

The CTP and registration renewals will be posted to you by the insurer and state registry authority 4 to 6 weeks prior to the sue date.  You can either make payment and seek reimbursement from One Car Group or email us the CTP and registration papers and we will arrange for payment.  if you wish for us to make payment please email One Car Group the CTP and registration renewal paperwork 2 weeks prior to the due date.  Please note that it is your responsibility at all times to keep your vehicle registered.

Can I have more than one novated lease?2018-10-26T08:57:06+10:00

You can have as many novated leases as you like so long as you have the salary to cover the cost of novated leases.

Can I salary package a used car with a novated lease?2018-10-26T08:58:06+10:00

You can salary package a used car so long as it is not older than 10 years at the end of the lease term.

Not Registered for Tax & Accounting Advice

We have compiled the above FAQs to assist you in better understanding how novated leasing and salary packaging works.  We are not registered for tax and accounting advice and so the responses above are provided on the basis of our understanding and are NOT income tax, GST or accounting advice.  We do recommend you speak with a qualified and registered professional to seek further guidance on novated leasing and salary packaging.

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