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Below are a number of the frequently asked questions and our answers for our Budget One service.

Is there an application or establishment fee?2018-11-07T10:00:54+10:00


Is there a termination fee?2018-11-07T10:02:35+10:00


What is the notice period for me to terminate Budget One?2018-11-07T10:03:41+10:00
  • If a weekly billing cycle – 1 weeks notice
  • If a fortnightly billing cycle – 2 weeks notice
  • If a monthly billing cycle – 1 month notice
Can One Car Group terminate my agreement?2018-11-07T10:04:53+10:00

Yes however we will only terminate the agreement in the circumstances outlined in our terms and conditions.

Will One Car Group run a credit check on my business?2018-11-07T10:06:10+10:00

We reserve the right to undertake a credit check but will advise you if such is required and request a privacy consent to be signed prior to conducting such a check.

If I do more kilometres than estimated what happens?2018-11-07T10:07:19+10:00

One Car Group will propose an increase in your budgets to cater for the additional fuel and other running costs.

If I am travelling less kilometres than estimated?2018-11-07T10:08:17+10:00

One Car Group will propose a decrease in your budgets to allow for the reduced fuel and other running costs.

Can I spend over my budgets?2018-11-07T10:15:00+10:00

Technically yes. However we will invoice and collect any overspend via direct debit.

What types of vehicles can be budgeted?2018-11-07T10:15:51+10:00
  • Cars
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
Is there an age limit on vehicles under management?2018-11-07T10:16:48+10:00


Will you pay my insurer each month?2018-11-07T10:18:39+10:00

No. We will budget for the cost of your annual renewal and pay the insurer once a year.

Can I claim back vehicle expenses if I inadvertently paid them on my credit card?2018-11-07T10:19:47+10:00
  • Yes to the extent you have available budget
  • This can be done online via the “CLAIM EXPENSE” button
What costs can be budgeted?2018-11-07T11:20:18+10:00
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Registration & CTP
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Tyres
  • Motor club (e.g. NRMA, RACV, RACQ)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Car washes
  • Parking
  • Finance (subject to financier approval)


What information is required for the application?2018-11-07T11:22:16+10:00
  • Business name & ABN
  • Business address
  • Key contact information – name, title, phone & email
  • Vehicle driver information
  • Vehicle details – make, model, variant, fuel type, year, registration date, insurance renewal date
  • Choice of budget items
  • Preferred billing cycle
  • Term of contract – normally matches finance term
  • Annual kilometres
  • If finance included then contract details
  • Completion of Ezidebit Direct Debit Request form
What billing cycles can I choose from?2018-11-07T11:23:00+10:00

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly

When will I be invoiced and direct debited?2018-11-07T11:25:25+10:00
  • Weekly – each Wednesday
  • Fortnightly – each 2nd Wednesday
  • Monthly – 3rd of each month (if it falls on a weekend or public holiday then the next business day)
When can I start my Budget One contract?2018-11-07T11:26:33+10:00
  • Weekly – Monday next week
  • Fortnightly – Monday next week
  • Monthly – 1st of the next month

Note: Fuel cards can take up to a week to be delivered

How can I make payment?2018-11-07T13:56:45+10:00
  • Direct debit from your bank account; or
  • Direct debit from your credit card
Are there any fees for direct debit?2018-11-07T11:30:59+10:00
  • Direct debit from your bank account is FREE of processing fees
  • Direct debit from your credit card attracts the following fees:
  • Visa & Mastercard – 2.35%
  • Amex & Diners – 4.4%
What happens if the direct debit fails (bounces)?2018-11-07T11:32:04+10:00
  • Ezidebit will charge a $14.80 failed payment fee
What is the cost of One Car Group roadside assistance?2018-11-07T11:52:27+10:00
  • No joining fee and no termination fee
  • $5.25 (incl GST) per vehicle per month
Who provides One Car Group roadside assistance?2018-11-07T11:53:15+10:00


What reporting will I receive?2018-11-07T11:54:30+10:00

A monthly vehicle report will be emailed to the driver of the vehicle.

What is contained in the monthly report?2018-11-07T11:55:27+10:00
  • Life to date budget versus life to date expenditure
  • Transactions for the month
What reminders will One Car Group provide for insurance and registration renewals?2018-11-07T11:56:25+10:00

An email will be sent 4 to 6 weeks prior to the expiry of comprehensive insurance and registration.

Not Registered for Tax & Accounting Advice

We have compiled the above FAQs to assist you in better understanding how our Budget One service works.  We are not registered for tax and accounting advice and so the responses above are provided on the basis of our understanding and are NOT income tax, GST or accounting advice.  We recommend you speak with a qualified and registered professional to seek further guidance on the tax and accounting for your circumstances.

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