As a Medline employee you can save $’000 in tax

by salary packaging a car

The cost of financing and running a car via a conventional car loan is expensive.

Here is an example of a 2017 BMW 125i M Sport $36,900 drive away price

Cost per month on a 3 year secured car loan

Car finance repayment per month – $1,165
Car running costs per month – $441
Total car running costs per month – $1,606

A 2017 BMW 125i M Sport – cost on a 3 year Novated Lease

Total car running costs per month – $1,157 *

SAVE $449 per Month

Save $5,388 per YEAR

A novated lease is flexible and allows choice of vehicle, lease term and provides savings through fleet pricing and income tax and GST savings.
 You get all of the benefits and avoid the hassles of car ownership.

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* Note – example above assumes $75,000 annual pre-tax salary. Running costs budget includes fuel, re-registration and CTP, comprehensive insurance, servicing, tyre replacements and roadside assistance.  Speak with one of our consultants to understand what the cost and savings are for you with your salary and vehicle of choice.