RIDESHARE ONE FAQs2019-03-13T13:22:28+10:00

We have assembled an extensive range of answers to the questions that our customers ask when it comes to our Rideshare One solutions.

Scroll through the list we are confident you will find most of the answers to your questions.

Which rideshare company can I contract with to be considered for an application?2018-12-20T13:28:43+10:00

You must be an approved rideshare driver with Uber, Taxify, Ola, Shebah or Didi.

What vehicles can be financed via a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage?2019-03-05T12:45:33+10:00

One Car Group can assist with financing sedans, hatchbacks, SUV and wagons with the following attributes:

  • Supplied by a registered motor dealer
  • New, demonstrator or used vehicles
  • Up to 8 years old at commencement of financing
  • Up to 80,000 kms at commencment of financing
What is the term of Rideshare One Chattel Mortgages?2018-12-19T13:59:24+10:00

We provide terms for our Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage from 1 to 2 years.

What is the repayment cycle?2019-03-05T12:42:15+10:00

Repayments are normally monthly in advance and via direct debit to your nominated bank account.

There are no additional fees for direct debit to your bank account.

What is the minimum rideshare experience before I can apply?2019-03-05T12:47:37+10:00

As a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage is a minimum commitment for up to 2 years.  The financier will require you to have been a rideshare driver (e.g. Uber) for six months before we can consider your application.  You will need to have another source of monthly income such as full time employment.

What is required for a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage application?2018-12-20T13:32:21+10:00

Following the completion of the application process – over the phone or return of a form we require the following:

  • Colour copy of your drivers licence
  • Colour copy of passport or birth certificate
  • Documentation confirming your approval to rideshare (e.g. Uber certification)
  • 3 months of bank statement
  • Rental agreement / rates notice / utility bill confirming current address
What information will be requested at the time of application?2019-03-05T12:46:07+10:00
  • Completion of a privacy consent form
  • Full name, address, landlord details, date of birth, telephone numbers and email address
  • Marital status and number of dependents
  • Drivers licence details
  • Rideshare accreditation details
  • Monthly income & expenses
  • Assets & liabilities
  • Details of a referee
  • Contact details for supplying motor dealer
What deposit is required for a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage?2019-03-05T12:43:56+10:00

At a minimum the financier requires a 10% deposit for a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage.  For example if the car you are looking to finance is $20,000 then the minimum deposit will be $2,000.

You can put in a higher deposit to reduce your repayments.

In certain circumstances the financier may require a deposit great than 10%, we will advise of the deposit required upon assessment of your application.

No matter what the deposit this will need to be paid to the financier prior to paying the motor vehicle dealer.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?2019-03-05T12:44:34+10:00

The minimum loan amount for a Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage is $10,000 whilst the maximum is $40,000.

Do you offer a service to manage other vehicle running costs?2019-03-13T12:52:07+10:00

One Car Group can assist with all the running costs of your vehicle.  We call our car management service “Budget One” further details regarding this service can be found HERE.

Can I use the vehicle for private travel?2018-12-19T14:53:11+10:00

Yes you can use the vehicle for private travel.  The vehicle does however need to be used predominately for rideshare travel, more than 50% of the kilometres traveled in any one year.

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