Up to $30,000 instant income tax deduction for small business rideshare drivers with an ABN

Why Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage?

You choose the new or used car that matches your rideshare driving needs and budget.  Pay it off fast and own it in 2 years or a little longer if you wish to reduce your cost of repayments.  Also enjoy the benefits of up to $30,000 tax deduction for purchasing rather than renting a rideshare vehicle.  You also get a refund of the GST on the purchase price of the new or used car.

What are the Benefits of Rideshare One Chattel Mortgage?

Rideshare One is a business finance solution via a Chattel Mortgage for purchasing the car.  As such you own the car rather than pay rent to someone else.


It is all about you and your chosen car for your rideshare business.

We can also manage your fuel, tolls, insurance, servicing and other running costs

Our Budget One solution manages your rideshare car running costs with the convenience of a fuel card.

All your vehicle running costs rolled up into one simple invoice / payment.