Can Anyone Get a Novated Lease?

This is a great question that we get asked this almost every week.

The answer is …… if you have good credit, are employed and your employer is willing to enter the novated lease with you then yes you can get a novated lease.

You need to be in full time employment and not in probation.

Boss can I have a novated lease?

The discussion with your employer can be less than straight forward if they have not been a party to a novated lease in the past.

We help you have the discussion with your employer to explain the process and this takes the burden off you to tray to explain why novated leasing is such a great benefit.

We have produced a free guide for employers which you can download and provide to your employer in advance of any discussion we may have with them.  Download HERE.

Why is your employer required to be involved?

The payment of the finance and running costs for your novated lease are deducted from your salary.

The pre-tax deductions create an income tax and GST tax saving which significantly reduced the cost of running your car.

Do I need to have a big salary for a novated lease?

No.  Most people that take up a novated lease have an income in the range of $60,000 to $80,000 per annum (before tax).

If you would like to estimate the savings, you can achieve feel free to use our online calculator HERE.

We have an extensive list of FAQs that many find helpful in answering their questions.

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