Budget ONE and Fuel Cards

All businesses should adopt an approach to the management of their fleet of motor vehicles beyond the controls that are provided by their accounting system.  Accounting systems such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and the larger enterprise accounting systems do not have sufficient controls for the management of motor vehicles.  Invariably this leads to a lack of control and understand of the costs of each vehicle in their fleet.

Outsourcing the fleet management of motor vehicles is a well worn path with the larger organisations in Australia.  A quick search online you will find a significant number of outsourced fleet management providers that take care of:

  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Tyres
  • Registration
  • CTP
  • Roadside assistance

The fleet manager also provides monthly reporting of the expenditure on each vehicle to the customer understands what the cost to run their motor vehicles is over the life of each vehicle.

The FIVE top reasons why Budget One with our fuel card(s) is a way to manage from one to 100 motor vehicles:

1. Fuel card(s)

With a choice of one or two fuel cards your fleet drivers will have coverage in all locations that they use your vehicles.  Fuel cards eliminate the need to use credit cards and reconcile the credit card statements each month.  Saving you tonnes of administration and ensuring that the costs on the fuel cards are only for the nominated vehicle.  You can also elect to have roadside assistance added to your fuel card for cars, utes and truck.

2. E-Tags and Tolls

There is no need for a deposit for the e-tag and tolls are charged to One Car Group and then allocated to your business vehicles each month.  Our process also avoids you having to process toll company invoices as they are rolled up into the One Car Group invoice with all other costs of your fleet vehicles.

3. Fleet pricing

Through our partner Caltex, your business will enjoy the benefits of pre-approved servicing, repairs and tyre replacements at fleet discounted parts and labour rates.  The process of pre-approval ensures that your fleet vehicles are not “over serviced”, claims under warranty are correctly captured and you enjoy the fleet discounts.

4. Removal of Administration

The Budget One product removes a huge amount of monthly administration including processing:

  • Reconciling credit card costs for fleet vehicles
  • Toll invoices
  • Roadside assistance invoices
  • Registration renewals
  • CTP greenslip renewals
  • Servicing, repairs and tyre replacements

The time freed up by removing the administration can be used on something more productive 🙂

5. Budgeting – we do the heavy lifting for you

Our Budget One service is budgeted on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  As such we invoice you the budgeted amount as agreed for each vehicle on one invoice and as we incur the costs for running each vehicle they are expensed against the budgets.  Each month we provide a report of the costs incurred for each vehicle so that you can understand what the life to date costs of all running expenses for each vehicle.

DOWNLOAD a copy of the Budget One brochure at this LINK